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Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in a behavioral health or health related field; or a Bachelor’s degree in any field with one year of work experience in behavioral health service delivery; or a high school diploma, or general education diploma (GED) and a combination of behavioral health education and work experience totaling a minimum of six years.


  • Supervising BHTs and paraprofessionals in delivering appropriate services to adults in a Behavioral Health Agency, experience with diagnosis, substance abuse issues, co-occurring disorders, individuals who may be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, and psychotropic medication.
  • Training the administrator will be required to obtain current knowledge and continuing education. Administrator will receive with at least one hour of ongoing in-service education per month in order to maintain the program standards.

Skills & Knowledge
Understanding of services needed for residents with behavioral health issues, criminal damage, assaults on others, violent expression behavior, family problems, abandonment, involved in domestic violence, stealing, burglary, in need of independent living skills. Demonstrates management and leadership skills in behavioral health setting, report writing and has mastered skills including, knowledge and protection of resident’s rights; recognize obvious symptoms of mental disorder; counseling; understand the BH services this agency is authorized to provide; maintain confidentiality of resident records; respect cultural differences; be able to read and implement resident’s treatment plan; assist residents in accessing community services.

Position Responsibilities

  • Oversees the total operations of the Agency;
  • Direct oversight of House Manager, Behavior Health Technicians and Caregivers, including performance evaluations, conflict resolutions, and hiring/firing and interviewing of personnel members;
  • In collaboration with the Clinical Supervisor, develops standards of care, policies and procedures, guidelines and forms to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the agency;
  • Provides ongoing training in conjunction with agency contracted professionals and clinical supervisor. Directly supervise and coordinate independent living skills training program;
  • Resolves personnel members/residential conflict within the home. Review incident reports and monitor house functions;
  • In collaboration with contract BH professional staff, determine the types of personnel members training program to be provided by the agency for its employees;
  • In collaboration with the oversight of the Clinical Supervisor/Nurse Practitioner, establish a process by which the agency will evaluate the quality of resident record documentation, counseling services, evaluation and diagnosis;
  • Enforce policies and procedures for clinical oversight of agency personnel;
  • Ensure each personnel member hired meets the established qualifications necessary for agency personnel to deliver behavioral health services included in the agency program statement;
  • Ensures each resident receives the appropriate care in accordance with the resident’s treatment plan and regardless of the source of payment for services;
  • Manages all business affairs of the behavioral health service agency and is fully authorized and empowered to carry out program services;
  • Responsible for the completion, keeping or submission of such reports and records, after review by the Clinical Supervisor;
  • Responsible for compliance with policy and procedures and shall provide the personnel members’ access to all records necessary for the performance of these duties.

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