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Mwangaza Behavioral Health Residential Care shall accept male and female residents 18 years and older that can function in a supervised non-secured behavioral health environment, from placing agencies within Arizona and outside the state of Arizona.

When space is available, MWANGAZA BHRC solicits and reviews referrals made by placing agencies. Eligible program residents are individuals diagnosed as seriously mentally ill, recovering substance abuse individuals and who have co-occurring disorders age 18 years and older; who may need structure and oversight in a twenty-four hours a day, seven-days-a-week care Agency.

The Resident will complete an intake assessment and orientation within 48 hours.

Residents must be able to live safely in a residential setting with other residents who have similar interests and needs. The resident’s needs must fit within the requirements of the scope of the program. Residents’ may or may not have medical insurance plans which provide for the potential medical and psychiatric needs of the resident.

Specific criteria include the clinical diagnosis and ability or willingness to adhere to the following:

  • Resident’s history and likelihood of living harmoniously with other residents in the home.
  • Resident’s willingness and ability to make at least an initial commitment to follow the policies and procedures and to follow the house rules.
  • Resident’s willingness and ability to participate in the agency’s programs and activities.
  • Resident’s medical diagnosis and medication regimen being appropriate for a Residential Agency that supports the self-administration of medication.
  • Approval of placement by the resident’s funding source.
  • Available vacancy with MWANGAZA BHRC.

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