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MWANGAZA BHRF strives to serve all individuals who need quality behavioral health services. However, there are certain exceptions that prompt us to decline services or treatment to certain individuals. Learn more now.

At the time of admission, Clinical Supervisor, Registered Nurse, and Program Director, in consultation with agency contracted behavioral health Medical Practitioner, will assist in intake assessment of residents. If a resident’s presenting issue is found to exceed the scope of services Mwangaza Behavioral Health Residential Care is licensed to provide, the resident will not be accepted.

Presenting issues which may be beyond the scope of services provided by MWANGAZA BHRF include adults with severe physical handicap, serious neurological condition, concurrent deaf and legally blind (would exceed staff and peers ability to communicate with). Other reasons may include inability of resident or legal guardian to pay fees for services provided; Resident or legal guardian refuses to sign consent to participate in services provided by this program.

This agency shall not refuse to serve a resident, except for good cause related to the inability of this agency to safely and professionally meet resident’s needs. Resident or Resident’s legal guardian/representative has the right to reject resident’s placement in this agency. Treatment will not be provided if consent for treatment is not obtained from resident or resident’s legal guardian/representative.

Once accepted, a resident will not be denied services of any kind that are outlined in the resident’s treatment plan within the agency’s scope of services.

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