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Minimum Qualifications

Master’s degree in a field of study related to human services granted by an accredited university, and a current license from The Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.

Experience working with population. Clinical oversight in programs for adults in a Behavioral Health Agency; experience with diagnosis and counseling of this population, monitoring BH personnel members making sure that the agency’s policy and procedure are implemented and resident’s treatment plans are adhered to; understand psychotropic medication.


  • MSW; maintains Current Board of Behavioral Health Examiners License, LPC maintains Current Board of Behavioral Health Examiners License

Skills & Knowledge
Understanding of diagnosis, services needed for residents with behavioral health co-occurring disorders and issues such as, criminal damage, assaults on others, violent expression behavior, family problems, abandonment, involved in domestic violence stealing, burglary, in need of independent living skills, and career development, impulse control issues, mood disorder, able to complete resident assessments, treatment plans, counseling residents and provides clinical oversight.

Position Responsibilities

  • Collaborates with Program Director to develop the policies and procedures for running the facility;
  • Monitors and ensures that the policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to by the personnel members;
  • Develops and implements a written plan to provide personnel members’ orientation.
  • Ensure each personnel member completes the orientation, including a review of the policy and procedure of the agency and resident’s rights before providing behavioral health services to residents;
  • Ensures personnel members’ orientation is documented in each personnel member’s file;
  • Develops resident’s treatment plans, monitors progress of residents, and ensures personnel members adhere to treatment plan;
  • Develops and ensures a written personnel members behavioral health clinical oversight plan, which meets the needs of the level of services provided by MWANGAZA BHRF;
  • Provide a minimum of four hours per month of clinical oversight for all agency personnel providing direct services to residents;
  • Provide sufficient in-service education for personnel members to support job efficiency, house operations and compliance with licensure and contract requirements;
  • Ensures all personnel members orientation, in-service education and clinical oversight are documented and placed in each personnel member’s file.
  • Maintains availability to Program Director or designee on 24-hour basis to address clinical oversight emergencies, unusual incident reporting or other urgent clinical oversight issues.

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