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Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be 21 years old to work at this agency;
  • Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in a field related to behavioral health;
  • A registered nurse;
  • A physician’s assistant not working as a medical practitioner;
  • A Bachelor’s degree with at least one year of full time behavioral health work experience; or an Associate’s degree with at least two years of full time behavioral health experience;
  • A high school diploma or school equivalency diploma (GED) and has 18 credit hours of post-high school education in a field related to behavioral health and completed no more than four years before the date the individual begins providing behavioral health services and two years of full time behavioral health experience or four years of behavioral health work experience, or four years of full time behavioral health work experience;
  • A licensed practical nurse with at least two years of full time behavioral health experience

Supervising BHTs and other BH paraprofessionals of the agency in providing services for residents ages 18yrs and older in a Behavioral Health Agency. Must have experience in dealing with diagnosis and co-occurring disorders, understands and able to identify medication commonly prescribed for mental disorder. Experience in counseling residents; active management and resident care of a residential facility.

To maintain current skills and knowledge in behavioral health services provided by the agency, Behavioral Health Technicians will receive at least one hour of ongoing in-service education per month in order to maintain program standards.

Skills & Knowledge
Understanding of services needed for residents with behavioral health issues. Must demonstrate skills, knowledge and protection of resident’s rights; recognize obvious symptoms of mental disorder; understand the BH services this agency is authorized to provide; including being able to supervise this population with their LDLs and ADLs; maintaining confidentiality of resident records; respecting cultural differences; being able to read and implement residents treatment plan; assisting residents in accessing community services; following policy and procedure of the agency, and demonstrating leadership and being a role model for peer reports.

Position Responsibilities

  • Maintains 40 hours per week in active management of BHPP/Caregivers and provides resident care.
  • Reports to Assistant Program Coordinator every decisions being made in the house for the purpose of consistency and smooth running of the home.
  • Assumes full responsibility for on-site management of home activities, including outside agencies contact for continuous resident care.
  • Assists residents in exercising their rights as residents in an Adult Care Home.
  • Ensures that residents receive the care and services specified in their treatment/care plan and in accordance with the rules set forth by the department of behavioral health services.
  • Coordinates and liaise with agency contracted nutritionist for the preparation of healthy and safe meals for residents; refer to meal plan to prepare and post weekly menus for residents; indicate substitutions where necessary; recognize and plan appropriate meals to meet the nutritional needs of the residents
  • Maintains control and adheres to self-administration of medication policies and procedures of the home.
  • Ensures that agency personnel members provide residents with a supportive, protective living environment and protection of resident’s rights.
  • Prepare meals, and provide residents transportation to outside therapeutic services when indicated.
  • Assists and monitors personnel members in preparing daily progress notes on resident’s progress and regression. Protect and maintain the confidentiality of residents’ records and information.
  • Ensures residents receive formal, informal independent and life skills training. Ensure that residents attend formal education or educational enhancement training. Coordinate and facilitate resident’s social and recreational activities.
  • Assures that residents take necessary medications in accordance with agency’s self-administration medication procedures. Able to identify types of medications commonly prescribed for mental disorders, personality disorders and substance abuse, and common side effects and adverse reactions of the medications.
  • Assists residents in receiving the care and services specified in their treatment/care plan and in accordance with the rules set forth by the department of behavioral health services.
  • Provides treatment that promotes resident dignity, independence, individuality, strengths, privacy and choice. Assist residents to secure and maintain viable employment opportunities, accessing community services and resources.
  • Ensures attendance to regularly scheduled in-services education sessions and meetings.
  • Demonstrates ethical behaviors such as respecting residents and personnel members’ boundaries.
  • Coordinates with the agency’s social and recreational activities for residents.
  • Under Clinical Supervisor’s oversight, assists with auditing all written progress notes, log, and documentation by BHTs and BHPP/Caregivers for clarity and conciseness.
  • Ensures that residents keep all medical and health care appointments.
  • Ensures that medical orders are followed and that appropriate physicians and healthcare professionals are informed of changes in resident’s condition.
  • Ensures that home rules, policies and procedures, and standards of care set forth by the governing body are followed.

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